Globally focused organization comes to campus

By Kayla Overbey

Monday, September 12, 2011

Alderson Auditorium hosted a number of students looking to help others at Nourish International’s first interest meeting last Thursday evening.

The purpose of the meeting was to explain the mission and goals of Nourish International, a new global organization on campus. The chapter founded at the University of Kansas is the first chapter established in the Midwest.

Adam Nicholson, the chapter’s founder, led the meeting with an explanation of Nourish International’s three goals: engaging students, empowering communities and eradicating poverty. Nourish International fundraises throughout the academic year and sends students to impoverished countries on summer mission trips. The organization has been in more than 80 countries in the past five years.

Nicholson explained the founding of Nourish International at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus by Sindhura Citineni.

“She just stepped up to the plate, took a swing and she hit a home run,” Nicholson said, using her as a prime example of student determination.

Plans were discussed by Nicholson about raising awareness on campus. Most recently, the the University’s chapter has worked with the Spanish department to contact suppliers in Paraguay about importing fresh goods to campus for students. Venture director Nicole Lawson encouraged students to contribute to the efforts.

“We want you to be as involved as you can and want to be,” she said.

— Edited by Sarah Champ


Notes: This is the follow-up article to my previously posted article about Nourish International. View it on the UDK’s website here. 


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