New campus kiosks scan users’ images

By Kayla Overbey

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The KU Memorial Unions will soon add six interactive kiosks to campus.

These kiosks will include an interactive campus map, schedules for athletic events, access to the University’s twitter accounts, event information and calendars.

As people use the kiosks, the kiosk software will scan the users’ images and sort them into four categories, said Bob Terry, president of Axon Displays. This audience information will then be provided to advertisers.

Those who are hesitant about image-tracking software need not worry; Axon Displays is not retaining images acquired by the program. They will only give advertisers information about the demographics who use the kiosks.

Mike Reid, KU Memorial Union director of public affairs, confirmed five of the six locations. Three are planned for the Kansas Union, two will be located in the Underground, while one is yet-to-be determined. The University of Kansas will be the first university in the nation to establish these kiosks on campus.

— Edited by Mike Lavieri


Notes: This was my very, very first “article” written for the UDK (University Daily Kansan). I walked into the newsroom, asked for a position, and they immediately threw me into the kiddie pool by asking me to call up and confirm a few facts, and write a short piece about it. This was the result.


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