January health

By Kayla Overbey

Friday, January 27, 2012

National Health

  • Scientists have suspended the publication of a virus, The New York Times and BBC News say. The virus H5N1 has caused concerns among researchers and scientists, proving more contagious than previous strains. While their research proves beneficial, the scientists admit that the release of the strain could start a pandemic.
  • The world’s first usage of embryonic stem cells to help improve eye diseases have positive results, says The Lancet. Retinal surgeon and leader of the UK trial Professor James Bainbridge told BBC News, “It’s hoped that this kind of intervention might protect people’s sight”.
  • A new study suggests that working long hours doubles the risk of depression. Bryan Bruno, researcher, told CNN that poor sleep is detrimental to a healthy mind. The study focuses on workers, but could be applied to students balancing school and long work hours.

Local Health


  • Recent studies say that oils such as sunflower and olive oils are healthier than others for frying food. BBC News says it is recommended by researchers that people trade lards, butters, and palm oils for better alternatives. Such a change could lower risks for illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

2 comments on “January health

  1. bfryern1 says:

    I use Sunflower, Olive oil and butter in moderate amounts. Keeping weight in check by using portion control is one of the keys to good health. Very informative blog.

  2. Enjoyed your blog…will try to ck in every week!

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