KU student women’s health center explains services

By Kayla Overbey

Friday, February 24, 2012


KAYLA OVERBEY, reporter: This is Kayla Overbey from “Live, Eat, Sleep: A view on health from the eyes of a student.
University of Kansas’ Watkins Health Center provides an array of services for minimal costs. The women’s health department is no exception.

CANDYC WAITLEY (Watkins registered nurse): My name is Candyce Waitley, I’m a registered nurse and I work in the gynecology clinic.

OVERBEY: College is a time for exploration. But this comes with responsibility, too. For many K.U. women, the services they find at Watkins are a first experience.

WAITLEY: We do many, many first exams on young women. We start many young women on oral contraceptives, that’s the most common method, there are obviously other methods. But because they’re away from home, they aren’t comfortable talking to parents… I mean, many parents are really great about that, but not all parents and so they come here, and they do have the freedom.

OVERBEY: They gynecology department offers physical exams such as breast exams and pap smears. They also offer HPV and flu vaccines. What many students don’t know is that they offer counseling, too.

WAITLEY: And sometimes, just, students come in and they’re worried about their sexual relationships and what’s going on in that area, so they’ll just come in and talk. They don’t necessarily need an exam or need to start on pills or anything like that. They just want to talk.

OVERBEY: And although it’s a “women’s” health center, the gynecology department is open to all students–even men.

WAITLEY: I know, gynecology, it sounds like, you know, female-only, but very definitely, yes, males. And we do see males, and we do treat males.

OVERBEY: Compared to a hospital, the student health fee of 108 dollars that’s included in tuition is extremely affordable.

WAITLEY: And, obviously, I’ve been out in the… outside of the university in terms of health care, medical care, so I do know what the costs are out there. It’s highly affordable [at the University of Kansas]. It’s really quite amazing.

OVERBEY: This is Kayla Overbey, with “Live, Eat, Sleep.”


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