This is unlike my other posts. It does not relate to articles on condoms, or women’s health, or the right foods to eat. But I do believe it relates to each one of us as individuals and members of this world. I also believe it is more intrinsically important than any article I can write. This issue strikes a chord deep within me, and I can’t help but follow the trend of spreading it.

To my professors who grade my posts: I’m sorry if you do not approve, but I must write about this.

Joseph Kony is the #1 most wanted man in the world. He has been indicted by the International Crime Courts. He has committed heinous crimes against women and children for 20 years. And in this new, modern world of instant communication and technology, he is finally receiving the worldwide press he truly deserves.

Watch this video, please. Spread the word. If you do nothing else beneficial today, tonight, tomorrow, this week, or even this month… Please. Just spend 30 minutes and raise your awareness of what’s happening around you. Leave behind Kim Kardashian, Mitt Romney, and “Charlie bit me!” and pay attention to something that really matters.

Make a difference.

#Kony2012 #STOPKONY


One comment on “#Kony2012

  1. Asma says:

    I see how this relates to health. Every day well-being and a fearless environment are the most important health aspects an individual can have. What Joseph Kony does to that region of the world affects everything. The physical health, the mental health, the access to clean food, clean water, and the access to hope. No professor should mark down on anything that shows how one aspects connects to everything. Everything has to do with everything.

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