Potential drug to kill cancer tumors discovered

By Kayla Overbey

Friday, March 30, 2012

  • Gizmodo reports that a newly discovered drug could potentially kill all forms of cancer. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science released an article stating that the drug manipulates the immune system to attack cancerous tumors regardless of “go-away” signals they emit. The drugs have moved from mouse trials to human trials.
  • A campaign called “D.C.’s Doin’ It!” has given away 500,000 female condoms to the nation’s capitol, according to The New York Times. The campaign has prevented 23 infections, at roughly $18,000 per infection. When compared to the lifetime cost of H.I.V. medical care of roughly $367,000, the efforts are worth it.
  • A study conducted by Boston University research assistants revealed that pharmacies’ age restrictions are inconsistent, which could result in teenage pregnancies. The research assistants surveyed over 950 pharmacies, finding that misinformation is a common problem. The FDA recommends removal of all age restrictions for women seeking Plan B medication from pharmacies, reports CNN.

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