Therapist gives advice on long distance relationships

By Kayla Overbey

Friday, April 27, 2012


KAYLA OVERBEY: This is Kayla Overbey from “Live, Eat, Sleep,” bringing you an excerpt from my story on long-distance relationships.

[sound of phone ringing]


OVERBEY: The stereotype of long distance relationships, otherwise known as LDRs, is usually negative. The difficulties include travel expenses, loss of communication, and anxiety.

Long distance relationships can also instigate feelings of jealousy, depression and loneliness, says Oregon State University licensed marriage and family therapist Kathleen Schiltz. Schiltz said that one of the most common complaints she hears about is the distance and unfamiliarity that can develop between a couple.

KATHLEEN SCHILTZ: It can actually be a disruption to your normal routine and you kind of have to get reacquainted. Like, you had time apart so you kind of have to like… it’s almost like dating again every time.

OVERBEY: This distance can spur arguments and tear loved ones apart. Despite the increase of stress and other negative setbacks, Schiltz believes that with effort, long distance relationships can be rewarding.

SCHILTZ: I mean I think there are things you can do, but, again it’s an effort, or a concerted effort that you have to make, so… I understand looking at the negative aspects but then I think there are things that can balance that out.

OVERBEY: Schiltz said that one of the best things to do to maintain a long distance relationship is to simply pick up the phone, and call.

[sound of phone dialing]

OVERBEY: This is Kayla Overbey, with “Live, Eat, Sleep.” Thanks for listening.


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