FHSU Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Sam Khoury 1978

By Kayla Overbey

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dr. Sam & Dunia Khoury with President Edward Hammond at an alumni gathering hosted by the Khourys in San Diego spring 2012.For alum Dr. Sam Khoury, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., the journey through higher education advanced him into a successful career as a business owner and consultant of a nationally successful company. Khoury associates his success and determination strongly with his experiences at Fort Hays State University.

Khoury attained his Bachelor’s of Science degree from the America University of Beirut in the Middle Eastern country, Lebanon. He then attended FHSU and graduated in 1978 after obtaining his Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry. He went on to earn a MBA in Finance from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Mass., and a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Wisconsin. Khoury’s decision to attend FHSU was solidified after an easy admissions process.

Khoury fondly remembers the faculty and staff in the chemistry department at FHSU. He credits his success to the instructors who encouraged and provided a foundation for him. He especially recalls long hours spent perfecting organic chemistry principles with his professor by his side.

“I have not seen such support from professors before or after my education experience. It is those fond memories with the professors at FHSU that made it possible for me to be successful,” Khoury said.

Thanks to his positive experience and extensive education, Khoury went on to perform research for The Dow Chemical Company in Midland, Mich. He was a member of a development team that focused on creating and implementing a unique technology valuation method. Additionally, his time within The Dow Chemical Company resulted in a total of eight patents issued from research.

“I was selected during my work at The Dow Chemical Company to develop the methods and the processes to value intellectual properties and leverage them through licensing,” Khoury said.

His research and work exposed the need for an efficient system to leverage intellectual property. In response to the increased global market demand for such a system, Khoury established Inavisis, Inc. in 2000. He is now the president of the company, which has experienced national growth within the United States and experimented briefly in the international field in the past twelve years. Khoury’s work includes communicating effectively with companies on their patents, trade secrets and trademarks.

He has participated in many charitable organizations within his local community in California, including Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, which provides health and surgical services from professional doctors and dentists to those in need at no cost. Khoury has also contributed effort to a fundraising campaign for his local community theater. He is dedicated to stimulating himself as a learner by becoming knowledgeable in new areas, such as sport, recreation and software tools like Photoshop.

Despite his many years as a student in multiple universities earning degrees and as a growing business owner and successful entrepreneur, Khoury remembers his years spent learning at FHSU. His sense of pride when reviewing his time at the university and the relationships he developed with instructors is apparent.

“They have one common goal: make the college experience for everyone exciting, challenging and affordable. In these hard economic times, that is exactly the type of organization and leaders we need,” Khoury said.

Khoury is a member of the FHSU Alumni Association and values the connection it gives him to the university. He appreciates “being in touch with fellow FHSU Tigers that share the same memories and aspiration for our kids, university and the country.”

To students who are eager to indulge in their education in Fort Hays State University as the academic year progresses, but nervous about the transition into college life, Khoury offered a few words of advice.

“You might not know it yet, but you chose the right university,” he said. “The whole community will support you in your studies—the teachers, the administration of the university, the people in the grocery store, the barber down the street.

Khoury and his wife, Dunia, met while attending Fort Hays State University. They have four daughters, Emily, Kristle, Laura, and Monica.

(I wrote this alumni feature for the FHSU Alumni Association. They published it on their website in October of 2012. I’m posting it here to archive my work. Read the original publication here.)


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