About the writer


My website is now www.kaylaoverbey.com

Please check it out (and all of my latest work as an almost-graduate) by visiting! See you there!


2 comments on “About the writer

  1. I was browsing the internet and just ran across this page and was struck by your name. My maiden name is Overbey, and it is not a common name so was surprised to learn of another Overbey. I have a niece named Michelle Overbey. I work in Law Enforcement full time, but I love to write, hoping to publish a book one day. My 13 year old daughter has become quite the writer too and dreams of going to college for journalism. I would be interested in getting to know you and your family roots because like I said the Overbey name is an uncommon one. I agree with you about working for a publishing company, I wish I would of found this passion before I went to college for Law Enforcement, I think I would much prefer working for a publsihing company and spending my life reading and writing more than just during down time.

    • Overbey is a pretty uncommon name, I’ve only met one other person I’m not related to with it. It’s always a bit of a surprise when I find someone else named “Overbey.” The majority of my family is located in Kansas. I don’t know my family roots on my father’s side very well, so I probably won’t be much help there.

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